Why Should People Treat Varicose Veins?

Experts recommend people with varicose veins use light or short compression stockings, especially when traveling by plane, car or train. Avoiding prolonged sun exposure and showering with cold water can actually improve symptoms. Walking on the beach and swimming improves symptoms and alleviates the feeling of tired legs. This issue causes the veins to stretch and dilate, leading to the accumulation of blood especially when a person is standing for long periods of time. When temperatures rise above 25 degrees Fahrenheit, people with varicose veins may suffer complications. Using compression stockings is an effective measure to prevent varicose veins from worsening during the summer months.

Wearing compression stockings can help with varicose veins

Another option is to use shorter half stockings, as this is a great option for people that cannot tolerate the garment for long amounts of time. This could emphasize the need to use this type of medical clothing during prolonged travel by plane, train or car. In addition to compression therapy, doctors may suggest other effective measures when preventing varicose veins from worsening. These are the most effective:

Avoid long amounts of exposure to the sun, especially during the hottest hours of the day, as this leads to an intense and prolonged vasodilating effect.


Apply cold water to the legs.

Use cooling gels.

Take medicines prescribed by the doctor.

Lie down and elevate your legs above heart level, especially after long periods of sitting or standing.

If there is the opportunity, people should walk on the beach and swim in the ocean occasionally, as the active fresh water helps the legs improve. In this case, people need to shower after swimming in order to remove salt.

Exercise helps

Doctors state that extreme heat produces a vasodilation phenomenon, otherwise known as an increased caliber of the veins. When walking or running, the body’s muscles pushes blood downward, accumulating fluid in the lower extremities and this pressure causes the veins to deform. This could contribute to serious disorders down the road. From a doctor’s point of view, compression stockings should be used in the summer and winter months more than spring and fall because it mechanically helps to push blood from the capillaries to the heart.

However, the heat and the pressure lead many patients to do without this garment because, at times, it can be very uncomfortable. To solve these problems, experts recommend reducing the degree of compression. In summer, physicians recommend using half normal or light compression stockings, rather than the strong compression ones and put them on only in the morning when temperatures are still comfortable.

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